Videos We Like

The THBEA “Videos We Like” List

The Texas Honey Bee Education Association board members like the following videos for beginning and intermediate beekeepers.

The intent of this list is to point beekeepers and beekeeping associations to resources which THBEA’s board members have found useful in their beekeeping journey.

Beekeeping Associations may desire to use a video in lieu of a live speaker.

The list is in no particular order.

If you’d like to add a video to the list, e-mail with your recommendation. This list is designed to be a “living” document.

Topic Speaker Affiliation Length Location
Splitting Hives Paul Kelly University of Guelph 19:07 YouTube
Hive Colony Inspections Paul Kelly University of Guelph 10:12 YouTube
Comb Building Paul Kelly University of Guelph 15:53 YouTube
The Sustainable Apiary Mike Palmer 57:20 YouTube
Beekeeping – Art, Science, and Love David Burns EAS Master Beekeeper 17:35 YouTube
Master Gardening Bees Bud Qualk 28:17 YouTube
Beekeeping Workshop Michael Bush 1:56:24 YouTube
Following the Wild Bees Thomas D Seeley Cornell University 50:36 YouTube
Making Splits and Nucs Tanya Phillips Texas Master Beekeeper 58:46 TBA YouTube
Intermediate Beekeeping Part 1 Mark Hedley 1:00:00 TBA YouTube
Anticipatory Beekeeping Dewey Caron 1:00:00 TBA YouTube
Bee Math Dewey Caron 50:40 TBA YouTube
A Year with Bees Tim Taylor 55:05 TBA YouTube

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