Texas Honey Bee Education Association is a charitable research and education organization with a mission to further knowledge in the process of protecting honey bees and establishing more informed beekeepers.

THBEA exists to:
  1. Enhance and expand the awareness of the contribution of honey bees to agriculture and society.
  2. Create additional appreciation and interest in the profession of beekeeping through studies in
    technical and scientific subjects.
  3. Strengthen beekeeper’s skills through education programs.
  4. Provide resources for continuing honey bee research particularly in areas that will
    • advance honey bee culture – improve understanding and awareness of activities that impact
      honey bees
    • improve pollination
    • conserve biodiversity

THBEA is supported by donations from the beekeeping industry, from allied agricultural businesses, from agricultural associations, and from individuals who share THBEA’s mission. You can now also donate to the Texas Honey Queen Program by donating to THBEA. THBEA is organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and donations are tax deductible.

Click the “Donate” button above for online donations or send check payable to “THBEA” to:
c/o Shirley Doggett
400 County Road 440
Thrall, TX 76578